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What is the Roberts Chorale?

The Roberts Chorale is Roberts Wesleyan University’s premier vocal ensemble, devoted to the study and performance of high-quality choral music from diverse styles, musical eras, languages, and cultures. Bonded by a passion for compelling musical performance and a desire for meaningful Christian fellowship, the Chorale is an ensemble of talented singer-artists who combine their gifts to cultivate excellence in choral singing.

The Roberts Chorale Mission Statement

"We are a family of diverse musicians united to sing for the glory of God. Striving to serve as God’s instruments, we seek to enlighten others to the reality of God’s love. Recognizing that our music is a gift from God, we express ourselves humbly and honestly through song."

Our Purpose

Our purpose as an ensemble and as individuals is to

  •  Return the beauty God has given us,

  •  Share the life-transforming power of musical and interpersonal harmony with our audiences,

  •  Celebrate how our differences empower us to contribute to the kingdom of God,

  •  Serve each other and those around us in ways beyond our music,

  •  Connect our heads to our hearts and engage our hands, and

  •  Find joy in all we do.

Meet Our Members!

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