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Get to Know the Real Roberts Chorale

Updated: May 3, 2019

Website Manager Abbey Greene shares how God inspired the PR team to create the Roberts Chorale website.

It's funny how God works.

I was sitting the library with my friend Sara, who happens to be a Mixed Media and Communications major. We were doing homework, stressing over finals, and complaining about professors; just your average Thursday night. Suddenly, she turned to me and asked:

"Wanna see something really cool?"

Sara had built her own website. And she wanted to teach me to make one, too.

God used Sara to inspire me to think bigger picture. Instead of starting my own small blog, I asked our Chorale president (the beautiful and talented Melissa Pestinger) if I could start a blog for the Roberts Chorale. Melissa took the idea to Dr. Potter and, to my surprise, he loved it. I loved it, too.

After many hours of work and several sleepless nights, I (along with so many other awesome people, including my co-conspirator Orlando Boxx) finished this website at approximately 1:10 AM. God's perfect timing.

This website went from a silly idea to one of the coolest experiences I have ever had the privilege of partaking in. I am so thankful that the Roberts Chorale has a space to share the talent of our members, a place for prospective students to gain insights and ask questions, and (most importantly) a blog where our singers can share their deep, unbridled love for Jesus.

At the time I am writing this post, there are only a few hours left before we launch this website. I am so incredibly nervous; I hope you like reading about our tour. I think you will.

Something that sets the Roberts Chorale apart from many other choirs is that we are a family. I hope that this blog will help you see the love and support this choir shares with one another. Every singer feels mutual joy and excitement when collaborating with one another or even just being in each other's company.

I am convinced that there is no other group that is as equally dedicated to God and to music. If you keep reading, you will be convinced too.

The Lord bless you and keep you,

Abbey Greene

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