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Member Spotlight: Philip Woodard


Meet one of our Chorale Chaplains, Philip Woodard! He is a music education major with a passion for people and determination that rivals the storm we are currently experiencing in Rochester!

Phil has blessed us in so many ways. Whether it be by holding sectional rehearsals, conducting us in chapel, or taking time to pray for our chorale family, Phil is always ready to help, and we love him for it. As we keep getting ready for the #FranceTrip please pray for us and keep Phil in mind! 

Member Spotlight:

Sarah Thomson


Meet Sarah Thomson, one of our excellent Sopranos! Don't challenge this one to a diction contest. Her heart is for the Lord, and she always brings joy and enthusiasm to every rehearsal. We are so honored to have her and her #relentlesspositivity. We can't wait to keep seeing you flourish in your faith Sarah. Have a great day everyone!

Member Spotlight: Parker Story


This is Parker Story! He is our resident piano prodigy and accompanist for the Robert's Chorale. He is undoubtedly one of the best, most committed, and humorous musicians in our program. His repertoire ranges from Jazz to Classical, and he brings nuance to every performance he gives. We are so grateful for all that Parker does. It wouldn't be the same without him!

Member Spotlight: Lillian Goetzman


Lilly is one of our esteemed soprano ones! She sings Jazz, Classical, and much more. Her heart goes out to anyone in need, and she's constantly making people smile. She is one of the people in our group who constantly show us what joy looks like, and we are so privileged to be reminded what #relentlesspositivity looks like.

Member Spotlight: Austin Dick


Introducing Austin! 

Name: Austin Dick
Year: Freshman
Voice Part: Baritone
Hometown: Lockport, NY
Major: Music Education

Favorite Musical Memory:
All Eastern Mixed Choir

Why are you excited to be in Chorale?
I've been watching the chorale perform for 4 years and it keeps getting better so I'm excited to be a part of it

Favorite ice cream Flavor:
Cookie Dough

We’re so excited to have you as a part of the family, Austin! 

Member Spotlight: Ciara Roland


Everyone, meet Ciara! 

Name: Ciara Roland
Year: Freshman
Voice Part: Alto 2
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Major: Biomedical Sciences/Pre-Med

Favorite Musical Memory:
Performing my last show in high school as Grandma Addams in The Addams Family

Why are you excited to be in Chorale?
I am excited to experience a new level of choral music, make new connections, and begin a new journey.

Favorite Ice Cream:
Cookie Dough

Welcome to the family, Ciara! We’re so happy to have you!

Member Spotlight:

Orlando and Abbey

Meet Abbey and Orlando! Abbey is an Alto 1 in chorale and Orlando is a Tenor 1! They are two-thirds of our incoming publicity team and the masterminds behind our new Chorale website that just launched! Keep an eye out for exciting pictures, videos, and blog posts from these two on our new website;! In addition to Chorale, Orlando is an integral part of the Roberts Chapel Worship Team and Abbey a varsity athlete on the swim team. Thanks Abbey and Orlando for all your hardwork and creativity!

Member Spotlight: Bailey Thompson


Everyone, meet Bailey! Bailey is an Alto 1 and 1/3 of our incoming publicity team! She is our resident social media guru and is working hard alongside Orlando to revamp our social media presence. Bailey, we love your enthusiam and your relentless positivity! Keep being your awesome self!

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